we lost Dad/Walt on July 8, 2006 (obituary)

Ella cat charmed her way in to the fold in February 2006

our niece Chloe Grace joined the family on June 15, 2003

fuzzy Sabrina moved in January 16, 2003

We tearfully said goodbye to our beloved Bob on October 18, 2002.

July 26, 2000 saw the birth of our niece and nephew, Erin and Ryan.

We tied the knot on September 24, 1999.

I turned thirty in 2000. Bart Simpson read my mind.

We said a sad goodbye to Knick in February 2000.

My grandfather turned 80 in 1998! In honor of the occasion, I embarked on a long-term family archiving project, beginning with a photo album of his from the 1940's.

We have vintage photos of Biddles.

Some of our friends have web sites too. Check 'em out:

CCS Web (Strelsches)
John Mckanna
Measure Your Mind (Carolann Wachter)
links on the fly & stuff for the office (John Maier)
artcodex (Kelly Copper, Mike Estabrook, Vandana Jain)
Parker Rd (Dave Aubke)
CyberAubbie Aubbie in LA
Joe Stachnik's Travels
Ricksville (Rick Bruner)
The House of Mofungo (Jeff Quinn)
The Chapman-Anderson Family
The Larson Clan (Kristin Larson's family)
The Sentinels Doo-Wop Singing Group (Ken Mewes' group)

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